Horizons for Comparative and Integrative Research on Ageing and Health Stockholm, Sweden, October 7-8, 2015

The conference is funded by the Swedish Research council and organized by the three Swedish national centres of excellence for ageing research.The programme is based on the idea that we gain new knowledge from research by applying comparatative and integrative perspectives on ageing and health.

In addition, a Post Conference Workshop will be held on October 9, 2015 for PhD students. It is arranged by the Swedish National Graduate School for Competitive Science on Ageing and PhD students are invited to a thematic workshop on theories of ageing.

There is no registration fee for the conference, but delegates are responsible for the costs of their own travel and accommodations.
For more information and registration go to the conference homepage www.delegia.com/ageingandhealth

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Health Innovation Platform

Learn more about Health Innovation Platform (hip.se) at a Mobile Health Öresund workshop April 14, 10.00 to 12.30, at Medeon Inkubator, Per-Albin Hanssons väg 41, Malmoe.

The national Vinnova project, Health Innovation Platform (hip.se), was released in Stockholm March 5.  Lund University (LUMI) and Region Skane are involved and the idea is that this should be a golden opportunity for all interested in developing new e- and mhealth services by using API: s that will give access to open- and patient related data.

At April 14 Casper Winsnes from HIP is visiting us, ready and prepared to answer all questions! The workshop will be in Swedish!

Please register by e-mail to olof@jarlman@lumi.lu.se

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Kan du ibland känna att olika värden och aktörer i och för vården kan krocka? Vill du få vidgade perspektiv på hur värdeskapande fungerar i praktiken? Vill du förstå hur andra resonerar kring service, kvalitet och säkerhet? Denna gång håller vi ”Gränssnittsmöten” på Malmö Högskola.
I diskussionen deltar bl a Lars-Torsten Larsson, tidigare chef för en av divisionerna på Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, vinnare av Svenska Leanpriset 2014 och Inga-Lill Lellky, grundare och ambassadör för www.cancerkompisar.se    
Anmäl dig och läs mer här:

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M-Health project design and offer to startups and partners

Welcome to a Mobile Heights workshop on  ”M-Health  project design and offer to startups and partners”, September 18th 1pm-4pm at Mobile Heights Center, Mobilvägen 10 in Lund, Sweden.

The mission is to identify the top 20 fastest growing companies of tomorrow – the ones that will solve global challenges, create jobs and make this world a really great place to live.

If you and your business idea show that kind of potential, Mobile Heights will do just about anything to support you. In cooperation with industry representatives from Ericsson, Sony Mobile, Huawei, Blackberry, TeliaSonera, Lund University…

For registration and questions, please email


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MHBC seminar-and-after-work

May 13 at Mobile Heights Center, Mobilvägen 10, Lund at 4pm-5pm
It’s time for another brilliant MHBC event – now with special guests from Silicon Valley and Amsterdam: serial entrepreneur Fadi Bishara, BlackBox (blackbox.vc), and Nell Watson, founder of Poikos (poikos.com) and more.
Fadi Bishara speaks on the subject “Startup Anatomy – 5 dimensions of scalable startups” team/product/customer/biz model & financials – with heavy focus on the team aspect. He will also give an inspiring talk on how to find your talent, follow your passion and build a successful company; “Founder/Market Fit”. Nell gives a presentation of her company and ambition to take part of the m-health revolution. Sten Minör from MAPCI wants to let us know how local startups can benefit from MAPCI labs and their researchers competence.
After that, at 5 pm we’ll have the after work and you’ll all be able to discuss things with each other and our special guests.
As always we hope to see a mix of entrepreneurs, researchers, industries, innovators and investors, all with the ambition to create and seize opportunities for mobile business in general and m-health in particular.
Please register for the events at mhbc.se/event/seminar-and-after-work/

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