May 13 at Mobile Heights Center, Mobilvägen 10, Lund at 4pm-5pm
It’s time for another brilliant MHBC event – now with special guests from Silicon Valley and Amsterdam: serial entrepreneur Fadi Bishara, BlackBox (, and Nell Watson, founder of Poikos ( and more.
Fadi Bishara speaks on the subject “Startup Anatomy – 5 dimensions of scalable startups” team/product/customer/biz model & financials – with heavy focus on the team aspect. He will also give an inspiring talk on how to find your talent, follow your passion and build a successful company; “Founder/Market Fit”. Nell gives a presentation of her company and ambition to take part of the m-health revolution. Sten Minör from MAPCI wants to let us know how local startups can benefit from MAPCI labs and their researchers competence.
After that, at 5 pm we’ll have the after work and you’ll all be able to discuss things with each other and our special guests.
As always we hope to see a mix of entrepreneurs, researchers, industries, innovators and investors, all with the ambition to create and seize opportunities for mobile business in general and m-health in particular.
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