News in advanced imaging for healthcare

Note: Correct time is 14:00 to 17:00 (CEST)
Thursday, April 24 from 14:00 to 17:00 (CEST)

At Ideon Beta, Hellmuth Hertz, Lund

In a collaboration between Lund University Program in Medical Informatics (LUMI and Mobile Health Öresund, research groups from Lund and Gothenburg are presenting their latest projects in advanced imaging.

The program will follow.

The workshop is for free but you need to announce your presence to

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Connect and be READi for Health

Thursday, April 24, 2014 from 08:00 to 14.00(CEST)
At Medicon Village in Lund

The EU project READi for Health – Developing and Promoting eHealth innovation ( invites companies, academia and healthcare to a workshop for sharing mutual experiences and thoughts.

Learn about success factors, possibilities and how to become winner!

Mats Olsson from Kairos Future moderates the workshop

The workshop is for free but you need to register at

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Non-contact sensors

A new kind of non-contact sensors is now entering the mobile health market. A Georgia company is introducing a vital signs monitoring solution that slips underneath a bed or chair mattress and requires no contact with the patient.

Sensiotec’s Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA)  captures a patient’s vital signs through Ultra-Wideband (UWB), a form of low-power radar technology developed by the military. Company officials say UWB produces no ionizing radiation, generates high temporal and spatial resolutions, can see through solid objects and body tissue, doesn’t require much power and accommodates established narrowband systems.


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Interesting presentation by Françoise Petersen from Apica and ETSI

Download the presentation

The presentation is in Swedish but those of you who are interested of more information about this interesting subject, do not hesitate to contact Françoise Petersen +46 729-138406

·      ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) – an overview
·      Personalisation and dynamic user profiles
·      Personal control of data  – proposal from ETSI

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New challenges and opportunities for scientist and companies

How can the member of Mobile Health Öresund take advantage of the EU framework programme for research and innovation – Horizon 2020 (

EU funded project is not an option for most small companies and start-ups due to a complex and time consuming bureaucratic framework. Would it be possible to create regional consortiums of companies and scientists to overcome these problems?

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Just give the doctor a call

The company Ringadoc has launched a platform that will allow consumers to have a telehealth consult with their own doctor. ”Ringadoc Phone Concierge” costs roughly $40 per visit, officials say, similar to a standard insurance co-pay for a visit to the doctor’s office.

Is this the beginning of a new market of professional medical outside the traditional healthcare organisations? Similar Mobile health services like iDoc24 have been on the market for some time and more are o follow.

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Continua, HIMSS unveil Personal Connected Health Alliance

The new alliance´s overarching mission will be to “promote the adoption of technology designed to produce highly informed and integrated solutions,” in other words  ”personalized health tools that meet lifestyle needs”.

Continua carries its Design Guidelines based on global interoperability standards into the collaboration. The guidelines steer vendors toward “end-to-end, plug-and-play connectivity in personal connected health”. Continua maintain that certification decreases time to market while reducing development costs and building security in from the beginning.

From our regional perspective this is of great interest – the on going work by Continua to integrate multiple global standards into ”Continua’s Design Guidelines” means that a certified product will have application in many markets, without further implementation.” For small companies from our part of the world this is an interesting opportunity as our own regional market is to small.

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